Young Thug – Mack Truck

Talented American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Young Thug discloses a new music titled “Mack Truck” stream mp3 download with lyrics below.

Mack Truck by Young Thug Mp3 Download & Lyrics

[Jim Jones]
Uh, ByrdGang
Birds still fly high
Is you vampin’ or you campin’? (Veor)
Just like them bricks we was stampin’, gettin’ rich, bitch (Capo)

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Car drive itself so I don’t need a chauffeur (Skrrt)
F and N in my belt so I don’t need a holster (See that?)
Been gettin’ bread, who the fuck needs a toaster? (Uh)
Shit, I beat the murder like OJ with mimosa
Gloves don’t fit, only thing missin’ is the white Bronco (Woo)
I been tryna get rich off that white blanco (Woo)
Now I’m sellin’ crypto, but I’m not a Crip, though (Uh-uh)
But I got that blue liquid sittin’ in my bank like it’s Hpno’ (East side)
Shit, I’m on my shit, though, like Baby in a Pull-Up
Don’t play, we’ll pull up, just like a pair of Huggies (Got that?)
I put guns on your head just like I gave you a noogie (Grr)
I know drug dealers that was rich and now they turned to a druggie (Damn)
But all in all, no complaints because I beat the odds (You got it)
And you can meet me at the plaza if you need a job
Even the boys know that we be the mob
With the windows up, you can’t see the stars (Woo)
That’s a double entendre if I’m drivin’ the Wraith (Facts)
Keep guns like it’s Contra, ’cause niggas they die when they safe (Stay dangerous)
I’d rather stay dangerous, when you see me fly through the H (Uh-huh)
Bought a new watch and I dropped a pie in the face
I’m a shit popper, but I back it up (Woo)
You get locked in the wrong house, I’ll have ’em pack you up (Get ’em)
On my waist sideways is how the MAC was tucked
If that shit hit you, feel like the MAC was truck
If that shit hit you, feel like the MAC was truck, fuck it, haha, shit

[Young Thug:]
Poppin’, poppin’ all these Roxies, Adderalls, ooh
I’m never stoppin’, land the jet, had red eyes
I’m poppin’ my shit, loungin’ in the pilot den
Watchin’ Power, I ain’t worried ’cause I’m timeless
Drop an earring on the ground, it’s easy to find me
Water on me up and down, you call me Dasani
Jeans by Thom Browne like I was a Chinese
All hell is going down if he try to try me
I’ma spit a hundred rounds out the Tommy
I’m just worth a hundred, wow, that was funny
Diamond worth a hundred thou’ and it’s tiny
I just spent a hundred thou’ and it’s tiny
I’ma spit a hundred rounds out a Tommy
I’m just worth a hundred, wow, that was funny

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