Jeezy – Nothin To Prove

Jeezy, a talented Atlanta rapper has just released a brand new music titled “Nothin To Prove” download mp3 with lyrics.

Moreover, the dope song “Nothin To Prove” comes from his newly released studio album project named, “I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget” which houses 29-Tracks.

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Atlanta Rapper Jeezy (formerly Young Jeezy and before that Lil’ J) is one of the more visible frontrunners of the Southern trap sound that grew to worldwide popularity. His 2005 major-label debut, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, kicked down the doors for Jeezy to become one of the top-performing commercial rappers of his time.

His success streak continued into the next decade, with albums like 2015’s Church in These Streets, 2016’s Trap or Die 3, 2017’s Pressure, 2019’s TM104: The Legend of the Snowman and most recently The Recession 2 serving as an ongoing showcase for his gruff voice, powerful raps, and ground-level perspective on trap production.

Nothin To Prove Lyrics Mp3 Download By Jeezy

Is that a piano I hear in the background?
(I got nothin’)
Turn that up for me (I got nothin’)
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Nothin’)
I got nothin’, I got nothin’
Yeah, uh

Got this NAUD yak all in my bladder (In my bladder)
Shit was cool, I got money, they got madder (ha-ha)
It’s up there, stuck there, need a ladder
Ever see Nia Long, I’m gettin’ at her (Yeah)
You know I used a kitchen fork to mix the batter
Throw it on the digit scale, I need the data (Damn)
You ain’t havin’ it your way, what’s the matter? (What’s the matter?)
Five thousand dollar bills, threw it at her (Yeah)
Met her at the blue flame, that was back in ’96 (Six)
Hershey in the booth, yeah, you know he like to mix (Aye)
The folks in Alabama used to hit us with the bricks
Had your boy lookin’ like he playin’ for the Knicks (ha-ha)
Only nigga workin’ in the middle of the drought
Money flowin’ like I’m in the middle of the spout (Woo)
Got twenty of ’em now, said she twenty minutes out
Said, “Baby, were you worried?” I said, “I never had a doubt.”

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I got nothin’ to prove
I got nothin’, I got nothin’, I got nothin’
I said nothin’
I got nothin’ to prove
I got nothin’, I got nothin’, I got nothin’

Ain’t shit to prove, nigga, what more can I say?
Got a million hits, nigga, what more can they play? (ha-ha)
Catch me at Carbone when I’m in the MIA
Known me my whole life, and he don’t know where I stay (Yeah)
I ain’t got shit to prove to none of these niggas
Far as I’m concerned, shit, I’m done with these niggas
Raised all of ’em, I done son’d a few niggas
Do a background check on every one of you niggas
And I ain’t never ran off on nobody
Gettin’ money’s mine, nigga, what’s your hobby?
White Lexus back then, nigga, Woah Kemosabe
Mr. Red Roff Inn, serve a nigga in the lobby (ha-ha)
Once upon a time there was a snitch named “Bobby” (Bobby)
He was an informant, yeah, Bobby was a rat
Straight from Unionville, nigga, right across the track
Set my main man up, I’ma leave that at that

I got nothin’ to prove
I got nothin’, I got nothin’, I got nothin’
I said nothin’
I got nothin’ to prove
I got nothin’, I got nothin’, I got nothin’

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