Fridayy – DGIA Pt. 2

American Hiphop musician Fridayy makes a amazing entrance with a brand new music titled “DGIA Pt. 2” download mp3 & lyrics below.

DGIA Pt. 2 Lyrics Mp3 Download By Fridayy

Don’t give it away
Don’t call it selfish
‘Cause I want you to myself
Don’t give it away
You know I’m right here
You don’t need nobody else

Tell me why you chosen violence
You got all of me
Shawty why you got me wilding
I ain’t asking for too much
I’m just tryna give you guidance
Don’t you lose your way
Tell me how the other side is
Does it feel the same

Ain’t no telling what I’d do
If I catch you with someone
Ain’t no telling what I’d do

Don’t give it away
You know it’s mine
Tell me who gon’ make you feel this way
So many times I fucked up with you
But I’m done with the games
Act like I wanted you to leave
But I need you to stay
Don’t give it away oh

New Music:  Fridayy - 3AM In NY
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