Freddie Jackson – Why

Talented American music singer & actor, Freddie Jackson shares a brand new song titled “Why” download mp3 and lyrics below.

Why by Freddie Jackson is an intimate collection of soul-stirring melodies and lyrical tales that capture the essence of love’s transformative power. This song can be pulled off the newly released album titled “My First Love” which is accompanied with 9 powerful tracklists that will captivate your heart for Jesus Christ.

This track is a testament to the enduring magic of that unforgettable first love, inviting listeners to reminisce, reflect, and rediscover the profound depths of their own personal connections. Join Freddie Jackson as he invites you to experience the timeless melodies and tender sentiments of “My First Love” — an album that captures the essence of romance, passion, and the everlasting power of true affection.

Kindly Listen To The Song & Share Your Thoughts Below! Download Now

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