DROELOE – Hermit

DROELOE, a talented American electric band has just released a brand new music titled “Hermit” download mp3 with lyrics.

Moreover, the dope song “Hermit” comes from his newly released studio album project named, “The Art Of Change” which houses 15-Tracks with no collaborations.

Hermit Lyrics Mp3 Download By DROELOE

When I’m alone
It feels like I’m far from home
Scrolling through my phone
And all I see
I’m stuck in reflections
I need no protection from me
So I can feel at home

It’s easier said than done
Come on, I’m already late
Expecting for better
Then blaming the weather
Enough on my plate
If I don’t change right now
I know I probably won’t
I’ve no hope but to pressure myself
And all that I’ve known

I listen to the words within my heart
Tearing me apart

All the wandering thoughts
Turn the volume down
Turning in on me
In the silence now
Looking at the past
It’ll change with time
What the story tells
Close my eyes again

I listen to the words within my heart
Tearing me apart

Hey future me
My son just turned 21
Ah, time flies
I just listened to what you were thinking about back then and I have to say
It was a bit confrontational
You had all these dreams about the future and I feel like I let you down in a way
But at the same time, I would do it all over again
To see Abel growing up
I miss him, though
It’s been awfully quiet at home
Adam has been working a lot and I’m just not so sure what to do with all this time but I’ll figure something out though
I hope you have created something beautiful for yourself and the people you love
I’ll meet you there

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