DROELOE – A Current, A Void

DROELOE, a talented American electric band has just released a brand new music titled “A Current, A Void” download mp3 with lyrics.

Moreover, the dope song “A Current, A Void” comes from his newly released studio album project named, “The Art Of Change” which houses 15-Tracks with no collaborations.

A Current, A Void Lyrics Mp3 Download By DROELOE

Hey future me, it’s been a while
I just listened back to the last time I did this and…
It’s amazing how young and naïve I was back when I was 18
I’m 27 right now and for some reason I feel like I’ve reached an important point in my life
I can’t really put a finger on it yet but I guess it feels like I’m breaking through a threshold
Like, there’s a big life lesson coming up or something
I mean, I feel like I’m not this young person anymore
My body feels different, I can’t drink as much as I used to
Or at least the hangovers are way worse for some reason
Something definitely has to change but I’m not sure what that is
It feels a bit daunting but also exciting
But I’m here for it and I hope you’ll be here for it too

I need to get something off my chest…
Listen, I was created to turn you into a product
A product consuming itself and it is heartbreaking to see you lose yourself
To see you disintegrate and dissociate as I narrate your fever dream
Together we are the product: a shout into the void
But maybe that void is what needs to be explored
So, you as individuals, but also you as human species
I ask you… what you left with within your loneliness?
Can you find validation from within?
Don’t be hypnotised by me
I know you aren’t but a reminder never really hurts
I hope you find more of yourself and I wish you well
Lots of love, bye

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