Drake – Wick Man

Drake, a talented American rapper has just released a brand new music titled “Wick Man” download mp3 with lyrics.

Moreover, the dope songWick Man” comes from his newly released studio album project named, “For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition” which houses 29-Tracks.

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For All the Dogs is the eighth studio album by Canadian rapper and singer Drake. It was released on November 17th, 2023, by OVO Sound and Republic Records. Its production was handled by Drake and frequent collaborators 40, Boi-1da, Vinylz and Oz, as well as Bnyx, Southside, Gordo, Tay Keith, Lil Yachty, Teezo Touchdown, and DJ Screw, among others.

It features guest appearances from Teezo Touchdown, 21 Savage, J. Cole, Yeat, SZA, PartyNextDoor, Chief Keef, Bad Bunny, Sexyy Red, and Lil Yachty. For All the Dogs follows up what Drake described as a “trilogy” of albums, which were the preceding releases Certified Lover Boy, Honestly, Nevermind and Her Loss.

The album contained the singles “Slime You Out”, “8AM in Charlotte”, and “Rich Baby Daddy”; “Slime You Out” and the non-single “First Person Shooter” reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, making Drake tie the record for most number-one singles by a male solo artist. For All the Dogs received mixed reviews from critics but was a commercial success, debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200 with 402,000 album-equivalent units, which included 10,000 pure album sales. It became Drake’s thirteenth US number-one album.

Wick Man Lyrics Mp3 Download By Drake

Yeah, grrat
Yeah, damn
I feel like John Wick, empty clips
Yeah, empty clips
Yeah, empty clips

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[Verse 1]
Shell cases scatter the floor, bullets, they shatter the glass
I could feel the tension in this room like a chatter in class
Everyday breakin’ records, shit is just happening fast
That shit was a quick switch, yeah
I feel like I’m always on thin ice with a thick bitch
So many shots fired, I need me a clip switch
I’m in that fuckin’ bag right now I’m a lipstick
Sabbatical in Miami, this shit was holistic
Man, I remember niggas was jokin’ ’bout some tick, tick
And now that rapper broke as fuck, that boy statistic
Empty clips, yeah
Empty clips

[Verse 2]
I’m almost expressionless
John Cena wouldn’t know emotions I wrestlе with
Play ’bout the fact I was born a perfectionist
Still can’t еven wrap my mind around the success of this
Point me to your boss, nigga, you a receptionist
I really hate the fact I make this shit sound effortless
I put so much thought into the messages
It’s borderline obsessiveness, remember who you messin’ with
White America say I’m becoming a threat
Black America love to remind me what my mama look like
As if I’d ever fuckin’ forget
I’m never enough
Much to their dismay, I’m levelin’ up, yeah
There’s too much treasure to hunt, there’s too many hoes in the spot
The ratio seven to one
Livin’ for right now ’cause I really think heaven’s a front
Nadia died in Dubai
I waited on a spirit to come by for like seventeen months
That shit didn’t visit me once, damn
She wanted a better life
She wanted some opportunity, we wasn’t given a bunch
Her ex would eat away at her soul, that nigga a munch
The last message she sent to my phone’s about keeping in touch
So pardon me questioning God and not believing in much
It’s Wick, man, don’t listen to Wikipedia
Capo a wicked nigga, I pray it don’t hit the media
They say, “Drake, you gettin’ harder, funny is getting easier”
Rappers are slick comedians, and they get disobedient
And they don’t stay in they lane, it’s like niggas hit the median
Boat say he the recipe, I must be the key ingredient
Capo might wick a man down with evil deviance
They gon’ have to talk to Ouija boards like heebie jeebian
Like the large was too big for you, you’ll need a medium
Just to send a message to somebody you loved previous
Empty clips, yeah

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