Derek Minor – More On The Way

Christian Hiphop music band, Derek Minor makes a amazing entrance with a brand new music titled “More On The Way” download mp3 & lyrics below.

More On The Way Lyrics Mp3 Download By Derek Minor

Working nonstop. That’s why I got a lot.
Feel like they want to see me fall. So I bought the drop.
I leave a stain on everything. They Can’t take the spot.
Whoa. Now we up. Now we up. Talked to God yesterday, He said it’s more on the way.
I done made a lot of money and it’s more on the way
I done got a couple plaques and it’s more on the way
I put a lot of people on and it’s more on the way

Popping up. If life a marathon, I got no choice but run amuck
I’ve been sliding on these tracks my haters need a salt truck
And it still won’t melt the ice. And It’s black and I’m back
You talking down. What is that? You act like we ain’t blessed or something
God ain’t flexing something
If you want me on set or something, cut a check or something
We’ve been bringing dreams to life like Freddy Kruegger. We ain’t done.
I’ve been moving on this blind, faith from staring at the sun
This what winning sound like they don’t see it, let alone what it feel like. Dog
Why you worried about them, get your own life
Counting everybody’s pockets. Like you work for Levi
Oh my. That won’t get you nowhere.

I done came to far from hide and, seeking from the police
Really came way too far. My gang was sitting in the nosebleed praying
Praying down on my knees and got back up. We in the floor seats
Looking at full court games like course we
Had to go get some full course meals, now its more on the way
Why would I stress about these bills I got more on the way
I’m a stellar winning politician, More on the way
Pull up deep, I’m never solo, and its more on the way

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I done put a lot of people on and got no thank you
I ain’t saying I’m God or nothing. I’m Allen Iverson.
When I talk about crosses, I ain’t trying to break your ankles
Tell em I’ve been stepping for so long, I got kankles
Wanna make me mad. Try to come tell me what Jesus can’t do.
Boy you Better be glad you ain’t no villain. Jesus. Save you.
Everybody used be like, what’s that smell? Jesus bathed you
The real ones always recognized me because I’m fake proof
Every time I’m lit I don’t get bit cause I’m snake proof
Had to tell that sin, sin, sin. I can shake you
I told Goliath, this a 30 I can take you
I came too far from living dirty

Gave me no respect. Lonely on me neck
Zeros on check. What did y’all expect?
Been round homies kept it holy from the lobby to the pent house
Blessing coming OD. I I need a list now.
Cause it’s more on the way
Made a lot of hits and its more on the way
I done caused alot of fits, and its more on the way
Oh, you like that? It’s more on the way

Omg. Look what God did. 9 to 5 was putting in the work when I was jobless, couldn’t get the RayBans and it hurt but now my optics
Can’t believe I take a look around. They send ing options.
God blessed me. I know that. Had to take the whole city, put it on my whole back.
Gotta take the bros with me. I cannot hold back. And done took like four laps
Got Jesus piece. No Kodak.
I’m moving like it’s four of me they tried to close the door on me
But like the chorus said, they start imploring for some more in me
If we back on that bull then I be Jordan when he scoring
And somehow I’m flooring, I play the tortoise story

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Billboard Albums back to back Just thought that you should know that
But I got riches in his name that couldn’t fit on no plaque
Resting in peace to the corny rap cause I could not support that
He snatched me out of proverb 5 and I could never go back
Left the label, did it indie and its more on the way
Festival inside my city and it’s more on the way
Worship God and make it litty and it’s more on the way
Two albums before 24, and then it’s more on the way

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